Party Menu's

When decorating for Your event we allow suction cups for windows only, plus any decoration you bring for tables; (baloons, flowers, etc.)

We no longer allow Confetti, Glitter, Thumb Tacks, Hot Glue Guns. No tape of any kind.

Buffet Party Menu's

Addition's to Party Menu's

Bar Party Menu

Shower Chair

On the day of booking your event we require deposit of $150 (...non refundable), that will be used towords your final payment. Some small changes can be made to the menu without extra charge, please ask when you book your party. Final head count can be given 3 day's before the event. Minimum of 25 Adult's on most menus, except Deluxe menus minimum of 30 Adult's.
No Adjustment To Final Head Count On The Day Of The Party. To find out if date for your event is aveilable please give us a call.

Prices are subject to change without prior notice. Thank YOU.

View from Upper Room Typical Buffet Setup

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